Introducing The Wine Press

A few years ago, I couldn’t explain the difference between Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. This would have been fine – normal, even – if I hadn’t just been hired as a waitress at La Jambe, a French wine bar in Washington, DC. How I got the job is still beyond me (perhaps a combination of a trusting owner and sheer dumb luck), but to my surprising delight this job sent me on a journey that would change the course of my life as I knew it. What started as a part time gig on the weekends to make some extra cash would bring me to quit my day job at NRDC, a very well respected, international environmental nonprofit organization, to pursue a management job at the wine bar full time. La Jambe would grow my passion for wine to the point that I would choose to say au revoir to this delightful establishment, pack my belongings, and fly across the ocean to Bordeaux, France to begin a master’s degree in Wine and Vineyard Sciences. 

And this is how, after several years and many amateur moments, I am here today, writing on the subject of wine with the singular goal of making the topic of wine accessible to amateurs, so they, too, may be more informed amateurs. 

My plan is simple : take labyrinthine topics (think wine aromas, malolactic fermentation, wine faults, sulfites, appellation laws, natural and biodynamic winemaking…) and break them down concisely, accurately, and enjoyably. I will also be telling the stories behind wine places, as well as writing thought provoking pieces on wine culture and philosophy.

Here is what I do not intend to do:

I do not intend to be a wine 101 blog. If you are looking for an introduction to wine, look no further than Wine Folly. (No, I am not paid by Wine Folly to say this. They are simply the best wine encyclopedia I have come across, and I have no problem sharing my endorsement of their site). I do not intend to be a wine reviewer or rater, and I do not intend to influence what you drink. Your palate is your palate, and mine is mine. But I hope to enter the dialogue of wine somewhere between wine 101 and technical research. I hope to be informative, start conversations, and provoke reflection.

If you would like to join me as I unpack the world of wine, you can follow my blog below, or you can follow me on Medium on my publication “The Wine Press.” If you have questions or would like to suggest a topic, correction, or just have comments, I would be delighted to hear from you.